100 Days of Sobriety

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2 min readApr 6, 2021


It takes 66 days to embed a habit. Let’s try for a wee bit more than that.

Inspired by completing the ‘The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober’ and also by watching ‘The Truth About Alcohol’ on Netflix, I have decided (after many years of being what is officially termed as sober-curious), I will now embark on 100 days of no alcohol.

Here is the pledge:

“I will not drink for 100 days. No matter what. I can cry, but I will not drink. I can go to bed or go home early. I might feel distressed … but I will not drink. Bad things might happen, but I will not drink. Incredibly shitty things may happen to someone around me, or my neighbour, or my friend’s friend’s grandmother. But there will be no booze. Funerals? Weddings? Amputation? I’m not drinking for 100 days no matter what happens … No matter what.” Tired of Thinking About Drinking.

I know I have the potential to use alcohol as a crutch. Not socially, but for emotional comfort.

I tackled the food binge thing. But the facts about alcohol are staggering (no pun intended) and it scares me how many of them are hidden from us or disguised in the fabric of our culture and society.

Time to be badass and break the mold.

Bring. It. On!



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